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Intelligent species

It doesn't matter how often people rave on about how humans are smart, we're not just sheep, yes I make informed decisions about everything; as soon as something outside of their routine happens it all goes out the window.

During today's geographically challenged tropical storm there were naturally power failures, traffic jams and almighty distruptions to public transport.  Hitting the station at about 6ish I saw the next train was a good 15 mins away so I settled down to wait and dry out.  Lo and behold, along comes the stops all stations train, and it looks like it needs some sort of shelving installed to accomodate all the people pressed up against the windows.

Despite the driver announcing the it, and the television screen displaying that there was an express train that skipped a good dozen stations 3 minutes behind that one, people had still crowded like sardines on the first arrival and then proceeded to aggravate one another.

I fought the faint urge to join them and felt wonderfully vindicated when the next train arrived a few short minutes later and I and everybody else on the platform managed to get a seat, which is unheard of on peak hour trains.

The best bit was shooting past the other train, with everybody still packed to the rafters.

I like to think that makes me a higher intelligence. That's going on the resume.
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